Does anyone have the AKAi APC 40 default mapping to use with Ableton Live 10

I am connecting the Akai APC 40 not directly with a USB cable to a macbook pro but I am using a camera adapter and connecting it to an iphone 8 on the iphone 8 I use the app called midimttr to send midi messages over wirelessly with WiFI. The issue here is that all the default mapping for ableton live has been lost. I want to use the clip launch buttons but I can't. I did find a template here to turn the 8 knobs into 72 rotatary knobs that you can switch thru with the track selector, but that's all. 



If your APC40 is connected directly to your computer, will it work with the supported Ableton Live Script for the APC40? If so, it would be just a matter of setting up Live to use your network MIDI ports and define the controller as an APC40 in Live.


If not, then this is still possible with MT Pro. With MT Pro you could set up your incoming network port originating from your APC40 on your iPhone for MT Pro and output port to Bome MIDI Translator Virtual Port (ie. BMT 1) with any translators you need and have your Ableton Live monitor this port for input.

If you don\'t have an Ableton Live MIDI remote script that will work, you can always do manual mapping. If you want to use APC40 Remote script, this is also possible to do with MT Pro. Is your network link a 2 way connection? If not, you would have to use MT Pro appear to Ableton Live as an APC40 by returning the correct status when queried by the APC40 remote script. We would capture the actuasystem exclusive return message returned by the APC 40 when sent a device inquiry and instead have MT Pro return this message instead.

For simple tranlation examples, I can help you here for free but anything deeply involved would require my paid consulting/programming services. You can reach out to me via email for this.


The path would look like this

APC40->iPhone -> Network Port -> MT Pro -> BMT 1 -> Ableton Live

Ableton Live -> BMT1 -> Network Port -> iPhone -> APC40

In the above - BOLD indicates a situation in which you do not have a return path to the APC40 in which case MT Pro handles the handshake between Live and APC40 using the APC40 MIDI remote script.


Steve Caldwell
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Ableton uses a .pyc file for the APC40.
It still sends MIDI, but the translation specific to Ableton is in the Python script.
On a Windows system (at least Win7/Ableton 9 (I think)), it\'s in:

Program Files > Ableton > Resources > MIDI Remote Scripts > APC40

I think if you just search your system for \"MIDI Remote Scripts\" in any dir that might have to do with Ableton you\'ll find it.

I know this because before I was using a BomeBox I was hacking this script to make it do...umm...\'other stuff\' ala Mr Bill\'s custom DJ Script for the APC 40 mk1.

I don\'t think it\'s a violation of copyright to post it, so if it will help you, Steve, I\'d be happy to share.
If that\'s a copyright violation, then you can find those files in any legal Ableton install.

Hi Jim,
If I read it correctly, I think the issue is since he is running on his iPhone he only has one way communication to Live which kills the initial Initialization handshake of the script. My thoughts were to cover this handshake with Bome MID Translator pro.

Yes this is the issue steve! Thank you for understanding.

See the below diagram.

Currently you cannot use MIDI remote script because is no handshake between Live and APC40 (no return path).

The proposed fix is also shown. MT Pro is injected in the MIDI stream and set up to handle the handshake with Ableton Live on behalf of the APC40. Now MIDI remote script should run, however since there is no return path to the APC40, you will still not get LED feedback, but you should be able to launch clips, and do other things as normal.

We intercept the Network Session 1 with MT Pro and direct output to Live via Bome Virtual Port, BMT 1.

We then set up BMT 1 in to monitor and respond to Ableto Live MIDI Remote Script on behalf of Ableton Live.

This is definately beyond the scope of free support but I can do it. I could not however find the midittr app on App Store.  I would just handle the programming on MT Pro for the handshake and you would then have to set up your MacBook with the project running on MT Pro as shown. I'll meet you on email if you want to proceed with paid services.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist