Does Bome Network always run in the background?

I try to keep my system clean by not having apps run in the background which I’m not actively using and I noticed that despite Bome Network not being open nor minimized, it still displayed all my created virtual midi ports and the software still found them.

My question through that is: when Bome Network is closed / not launched during startup, will it be inactive / not occupying background tasks and the midi ports are just non-active midi driver ports?

Or are Bome Network services always running in the background once you’ve set up a virtual midi device, even when I disable it at startup?

If Bome Network is not running, then the virtual ports created are still there, they just can’t do anything. You can look at the system tray to see if it is running. If you right click on the Bome Network icon, you can pick ‘Show’ to see it or ‘Exit’ to completely exit Bome Network.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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