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i am following the information from this archived forum post: double click (left mouse button) - Bome Forums Archive 2005 - 2016

i can get bome to turn an incoming keystroke into a double click, i’m sure of that, because if i slow down the repeat delay to like 110 ms, activating my keystroke will click 2x slowly enough that the file name i clicked on in the finder will become editable. but i can’t get a double click to happen-if i did, that file would have opened up a new window. when i speed up the repeat delay to anything below 100ms, activating the keystroke will make some stuff happen but no new window opens

running mac pro 2013 10.14.6


please help, thanks!


What is your incoming trigger? If it is a keystroke, it may interfere with the outgoing double click because any incoming keystrokes are NOT SUPPRESSED by Bome MIDI Translator. If it is a MIDI message we can slow it down as much as we want, however the mouse cursor certainly should be at the correct location when this happens. Do you have a project file that you are tesing with that you can post? If so, and the incoming trigger is MIDI, I can take a closer look.

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thanks a lot. i was using option - tab, and i notice that does something on its own in the finder, just like you said. so, i changed my message to a midi note, at any velocity. i still can get it to do the slow click to edit, but never the double click

attaching screen shots, thanks

rebuild for notes off-doubleclick.bmtp (7.8 KB)

It works for me, however I set it to 50ms as I think 10ms might be a bit too fast. Play around with the timing a little bit and I’m sure it will work,

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i’ve tried 10ms increments from 10 to 100, nothing works, and as soon as i get to over 100, it does two slow clicks

is it possible that i have some setting in my OS that makes this kind of thing not work? just wondering what else i can try


why doesn’t it work to just automate two mouse clicks, one delayed by 50ms?

if i click on a file in the finder twice slowly, so that the name is editable and the whole file name is highlighted, then press my bome double click program, it will do what a double click would do, it highlights just the word the mouse hovers over. any ideas why it wouldn’t do the other function of opening a finder file? and more specifically, my original intent was to double click a window and expand it to the full screen. that also doesn’t work with the bome program, and that’s the only thing i’m actually trying to figure out at the moment. thanks!

Hi @otto.charles ,

It was working on my Windows PC, however I’m having similar issues on my Mac. We are checking into it further. Thanks for reporting the issue!

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One possible explanation why in some places, the emulated double click works and in other it doesn’t, is that on Mac, the mouse click events have a field with the number of consecutive clicks (MouseEventClickState). MT Pro only generates single clicks, so MouseEventClickState is always set to 1, and applications which just look at this value to check if this is a double click or not, will then not treat it as a double click.

MIDI Translator Pro should have a dedicated “double-click” mouse button type which sets the MouseEventClickState correctly. This is already on our roadmap…

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thanks you guys!

Well that explains it then. Thanks @FlorianBome !


Hey Steve, Florian, I’ve been able to get the double click to work but discovered that the timer name has to be different for each preset. Is there a way round this?

Also do you have a rough ETA on the double click button type and will it be the same for the windows version?

Hi, if you disable presets, the timer will only fire on the preset enabled with an incoming action. That way you can use the same timer name and only have it fired on the incoming presets that are active.

It addition, you can use a global variable to disable the timer output for the same timer name.

I really can’t comment about timing of new product features, however if you are interested in this maybe you could be a beta tester if an when this feature is in beta. Let us know.

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