Downgrade to a previous version

I'm using firmware 1.4_2019-03-28.bxfw, and I'm pretty sure I'm encountering a bug.

A midi translator project file was working fine on the computer, but impossible to make it works on the bomebox. I reassign all my aliases correctly. I alternate between computer and box, and always the same silent in the box.

I've received my second BomeBox today so I tried with the second one after upgrading it to the firmware 1.3.2, and with this second bomebox and this firmware, it works exactly as it should, that means exactly like in Midi Translator on the computer.

That's why I'm sure it's a bug on the beta 1.4 firmware, and before downgrading, I want to be sure that is going to be ok and not messy.


Hi, Downgrading should be OK if ou need both of them now, but I would really like to know what is going on with the new firmware. Could you post your project file so I can take a look? I would advise you don’t downgrade yet, as perhaps your project file took advantage of the “bug” in the previous firmware version. It would be better to be able to ensure the structure of the project file is consistent with Both MT Pro and the BomeBox.


Steve Caldwell
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Also see my note on earlier post about assigning default MIDI through routes. If you can show a screen shot of your MIDI Routing page on your BomeBox (with 1.4 loaded). We might be able to figure it out. If I remember in the last project file you posted, you had default ports set in your project file but not default routes. I’m pretty sure in the new 1.4 version any default routing in your BomeBox gets overridden by your running project file.

Yes, no problem.

Here are the symtoms on the beta firmware 1.4 :

  • Accordion DIN (BomeBox DIN) : I’ve got Midi In (the lights flash on each note on the BomeBox)
  • Toggle Mute Accordion (WidiBud) : The lights on irig Blue board light on according to the script
  • To Synths (BomeBox Din) : it does not works, it doesn’t pass midi info. I don’t know if it’s because of the script on this BomeBox, or because of some routing. Normally I have to « Toggle Mute Accordion » befor it can work. So maybe this is this translator that doesnot work (but the feedback light on the irig BlueBoard works).

If I stop the script and add a route « BomeBox Din » to « BomeBox Din » the midi notes from the accordion arrive at the BomeBox Din Out.


I’m sorry, I didn’t manage to explain it clearer.


I don’t have any routing. Here is a screenshot of my ports.

Before I was messing around with routes and ports, I think now it is cleaner (I watched your tutorials !).


OK, that is the Port Page but not the routing page. Standby I will look at your project file.


This is the routing page.


OK, I’ve had a look of your project file. Very good job by the way. You must have been paying very close attention to the tutorials.

The only thing I noticed is that when opening the file, all Acc presets are off, so you will not get any output until you hit your foot pedal. I would recommend that you have the INIT timer turn on one of them by default. While you are at it, you might want to turn on the “All Notes Off Acc” preset with INIT too just in case you inadvertently clear it before closing a project file.

I tested with MT pro but will need to load it on my BomeBox to test as well but of course I will have different devices than you. which is no problem. And will likely set the footswitch CC’s differently for my rig.

Stay tuned.



OK, so I’ve been able to duplicate the issue on my BomeBox with a modified version of your project file (using notes to switch presets instead of your pedal.

Don ‘t downgrade your BomeBox yet, though. I tried and got all kinds of error messages so I took it back to 1.4

Keep your new BomeBox at 1.3 until you hear otherwise.

Stay tuned while we explore more.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Ok, thanks.

Do you know when the problem will be resolved ?
I need both Bomeboxes, for next week. Do you think there will be a correction on the firmware 1.4 ?

I’m not sure but Florian told me going to Version 1.3.2 should be OK. When I downgraded, I took it to 1.3 so I haven’t tested if it is a problem for me on 1.3.2 downgrade. I will test that today and let you know. Meanwhile, Florian is aware of the problem and I’m sure is prioritizing on it.

Ok, thanks !

Hi, I downloaded 1.3.2 for my BomeBox and both your project file (which I modified for my own triggers for preset switching) and the simplified test file I created from scratch worked perfectly. If you get strapped for time and don’t have a fix in time, you can safely load with 1.3.2.


Great ! Thank you very much, I will do that for safety. I don’t mind the minor bug on the 1.3.2 with the routing and the wifi switching, now that my scripts are cleaner.