DTRONICS system exclusive to VST instruments via "MIDI learn function"

Hallo Steven, as suggested in your mail I may post my question here:
I have downloaded the test version of your software and it works fine. Anyhow, the VSTis are not able to “learn” the converted controller-messages whenever I select a virtual knob and start the correlated “learn MIDI” function. The VSTis also do not react in another way on the converted data. I use hardware controllers by DTRONICS that were designed for editing the Yamaha DX-7 and Roland D-50 series and want to convert their system exclusive messages into MIDI-CC data, that can be used to edit VSTi-Instruments. The idea is that the VSTis also would be able to identify and “learn” the dozens of knobs, that each controller offers, automatically! The system controller message looks like this (I also enclose a screenshot screenshot of your software): MIDI F0 43 10 00 01 63 F7 (of course it’s MIDI F0 41 … ) in the case of the Roland related product). I would like to use the positions “63” and also “01” in this specific example to control the VSTis (blue or red circle → screenshot). Thank you very much for your assistance once more!

Hi, and welcome to the Bome Community!

The below example was created from the DT-800 documentation on page 7 which can be found here.

Basically, if the incoming system exclusive is of this format:

F0 00 21 1E 12 oo pp qq F7

Where oo = function (2 is single CC value), pp is the CC number and qq is the value.

The translator just makes sure oo is 2 and then converts to outgoing CC of pp with value of qq.

I use the aliases Source, and Destination in the project file. You need to assign them to your actual devices or applications.

I did not add a through path so that other undefined messages do not go through confusing the destination VST. You can do that but first lets make sure this works first. Typically, however, I do everything with translators as I don’t want any “surprise” MIDI messages slipping through.

dt-800-example-2021-05-16.bmtp (1.0 KB)

You will need to adjust the format for whatever instrument or source device you are using.

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