Duplication of some notes, each X step, to send transpose to different channels.

Hello Bome and thank you for your help !

Following this thread https://www.bome.com/support/kb/invert-01127-to-1270-as-cc-values#answer-34381

I would like to play a sequence and duplicate a note to an other channel each X notes.
As on the precedent thread, notes values must be converted to an inverted CC#21 and I would like to transpose of X semitones the note sent to the other channel (exemple : to create a duplicated C3 but transposed to C2 to make a bass each X steps)

In my interest, used notes are From C1 to G#6 but as on the precedent thread and the linked projet, I would like to convert those notes to inverted CC values C1 become CC#21 value 68 and G#6 becoming CC#21 value 0)
Original note ON values must not be sent, Again in my interest I prefer to have the inverted #CC21 sent + and an other note just to trig the machines of the differents channel. Each channel will respond to it's own "Note84 ON"

It can be really powerful for me to use this to different way :
-If I can send duplicated + transposed note to Different Channels and more than just an other one.
-If I can modify the rytm of "copied and transposed notes"
-If I just can use the preset to use it without the CC thing, just to send transposed notes to other channels (I think I may be able to delete the useless lines of code in this case/setup)

(It's to use with an octarack and CC#21 is a tunable retrigger)

I hope It's understandable.
Thank you Steve for all you effort for me.





Try this.

There are 4 translators

The first 2  translators just take the incoming note and convert to CC 15 with velocity of the incoming note number as we did before.

The second 2 translators  implement a counter (gc) that counts from 0-3 and only outputs on the count of 0. We take the velocity and lower it by 12 steps, if it comes under 0 velocity we bring it back up 12 steps.


I initialize the the count in the Init Preset translator Initialize Global variables with the variable "ga".

I set ga to 3 (for a 4 count).  To make it a different count, just change ga to the count you want (minus 1) and restart the project.



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this is superb...
Thank you, this is just perfect for me, I added a third track, it can go far...
TY Steve...

Super, enjoy!

Re Steve :

I do not understand why but, it looks like played speed are not good:

1-1 is same speed/rotation than 2-1, 3-1 is slower than 4-1 :/ 5-1 is slower than 6-1 etc...

Should each value rotate faster than the next one ?

1-1 2-1 3-1 etc...?


Hi, it looks like you are incrementing the values of gc an ge in several translators. You should probably only increment in the last translator of the series.

Hi :slightly_smiling_face: Okay, thank you but I added those translators because in fact I cannot hear the CC sound because machines aren’t trigged, It need also a synchronized rotating note ON-(NoteC6) as I added here :confused: Can I write a line of code in the same rule saying it will trig C6 ?

Yes, but be careful of the rules and the order of the translators. In general you can use the same rules except those that are changing a global value (for next iteration) which you should only put in the last translator of the series.

Can you help me please to do this please Steve… What can I write in the rule to trig C6 each respective rotation ?

We are well beyond the scope of included services. Please drop me an email and I can provide a quotation for paid services.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

But it’s just because I cannot use it :confused: :hap: :3

Hi Steve, 

The simple thing is that I don't understand is why a dupplication of the rule will make 4-1 rotate more faster than 3-1 :(


As described earlier I changed the rules so that only the last rule in each series incremented the note counter and if greater than the max reset it back to 0.

If you add another outgoing action, you need to

  1. remove the counter increment
  2. remove the rule to reset the counter

On previous translators in that series.


See attached.



Thank you a lot… Merci beaucoup

Hi Steve. 

I'm trying to figure how to do a simple command in continuation of this preset we worked on.

I'm now using the preset on a more simple idea, without CC# and inversion... Just sending some duplicated notes, rotating in some different rytms to differents channels.

The little problem I would like to solve is how to have a proper rotation with note ON/OFF...

For example because I send notes to some arps :

And I would like to have arps only reacting to the definished note (example ga=4-1) but having still this only note playing the arp until the next 4-1)

Can you please take a loop ? Here is the simplified file.

Thank you.





Hi Matthias.
This thread is getting a bit messy with various versions of what you wanted. Did I already solve your last issue? If not, please open a new thread on focus only on the issue you need to solve now.