Easiest way to resume BomeBox Net after sleep?

I use my Bome Box with the USB-C ethernet adapter on my MacBook Pro 16" to get MIDI into the computer and sound module app, no problem. I close the Mac's lid, then come back later (minutes or hours), and when I open the lid, the menu bar menu shows two "BomeBox - Net's" instead of one, and one of them also adds "(waiting)." I have to manually disconnect one of them in order to resume the network. Is there a way to configure so that the network will correctly resume after sleep as soon as I open the lid, without doing anything more?

Hi, I would recommend you always only initiate the connection in one direction. What you are likely seeing is at one point you initiated the connection from BomeBox and at another time, initiated the connection on your Mac.  In this case, one connection will alway show pending as you pointed out.  So for now (maybe there will be a new Bome Network Update that will address this), just initiate from always the same device. In your case, I recommend always initiated from the Mac and not the BomeBox. Then when you open the lid, and your Mac awakes, it will try and re-initiate the connection.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist

Actually, I thought I always have initiated from the Mac. I'm not even sure what it means to initiate from the Bome Box. I always turn on the Bome Box, give it time to boot, fire up Bome Network on the laptop, then connect via the menubar menu. What am I missing?

In any case, given my current state, is there a way to un-initiate from the Bome Box so that, going forward, it will behave in the more convenient way that I'm after?

Yes, go to the MIDI network screen on BomeBox and delete any connections there.
Then go to your Mac Bome Network tool and initiate the connection. The BomeBox should no longer try initiate the network connection. You may have done this once some time ago and the BomeBox will always try to re-initiate a connection it had initially initiated.
On the down side, when you initiate the connection from your Mac, you will have to either confirm the request with the button on the BomeBox or on the Network MIDI screen (but only the first time). After that it should remember what to do.

Thanks, that fixed it, and I've put the info in my notes.

Yup, the connecting phase is something I've never fully understood, I think because it's such a set-it-and-forget-it type deal. I followed the manual when I first set it up many months ago, then probably hosed things and got onto a new sequence that "just works," but only today became obtrusive when using my new ethernet setup. I must say, it was not obvious from the software and admin page's feedback exactly what was amiss.


Yes, it is pretty much automatic if you have initially set it up correctly. Hopefully as time progresses, Bome Network will be smarter about the same connection initiated in two directions. Right now I'm looking more for the upcoming multi-stream capability. In either case, I find Bome Network a lot easier than rtpMIDI.