easy velocity curve bomebox

I want to get a more stable keyboard rig and i'm consider a bomebox. now I use MainStage but sometimes it is not stable enough for my midi routing. is it easy to setup a velocity curve compressor or limiter like to make the dynamic range smaller? so it receives velocity from 0-127 and wand to send it out to 50-127on a midi channel .

  1. Incoming trigger on any note with any velocity
  2. Set incoming velocity to pp
  3. In rules use the following
    1. qq=pp*100
    2. qq=qq*57
    3. qq=qq/94
    4. qq=qq+5000 (which is 50×100)
    5. qq=qq+49
    6. qq=qq/100
  4. Set output velocity to qq

The formula is essentially output = input x 57/94 + 50. I multiplied everything by 100 since BMT doesn’t handle non integers very well. When I was done, I divided by 100 to get back to the right final result.

I only tested on paper so if you still have an issue let me know and I can actually set up a file and play with it.


currently, MT Pro does not offer a direct way for setting response curves (this is on the TODO list!). But using simple math as outlined by Steve works great…