Elation Midicon Pro with MA on PC

I'm havin a hard time figuring out how to map a Elation Midicon Pro with Bome to MA2 on PC. I can map the faders to send but I can't get the motorized faders to move when I change the virtual fader in MA on PC I'm new to midi and can't understand how to get feedback to the Midicon Pro. Please help


By default GrandMA2 will only send back message it receives from the controller, so unless you have your executers programmed to send MIDI when you move the virtual fader, then nothing will happen on the MIDICON Pro.

However, if you have programmed you executor (or Lua Script) to send back MIDI Notes, (which is all GrandMA can do), you can send it a MIDI command back as a note with the fader value and then have MT Pro translate that to the CC and value you need.

You should set up a preset specifically with your application (Virtual Port) as input and your MIDI Con Pro as output and then set up a translator to convert the note to MIDI CC.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Have you tried using the MIDINOTE command to send a message from GrandMA2 and then used MT Pro to convert that note to the CC of your motorized fader?