Emulated keystrokes don't work in games

I have four translators set up to take MIDI input from my Akai MPK Mini’s drum pads and emulate a keystroke depending on the pad that is pressed. This works as intended in most programs (Notepad, Visual Studio, my browser, really any program that involves using keystrokes to type something.) However, when I try to use it with a game (which is my ultimate goal), the keystrokes do not go through. They are being translated and emulated, so I doubt this is a fault of the MIDI translator, but I thought the forums would be worth a try anyway.
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Well first you do not have any default input ports so I created an alias as follows:


You can learn more about aliases from this tutorial.

Then I set up the preset to monitor that alias for incoming messages.

For more information about device selection, see this tutorial.

Finally I added two more 3 more translators as follows.

Perform Focus - Has an outgoing action to focus my selected application. I’m using EdipPlus but you should select your game application executable here.


Application Focused

This triggers when the application is focused and sets the global variable ga to 1 in the rules

Application Unfocused

This triggers when the application is not focused and sets the global variable of ga to 0 in rules.

Again, for incoming application you need to select the game application executable that your are using for both of these translators.

Finally I set up these rules in each of your translators to call the translator ‘Perform Focus’. They will ensure your application is focused before sending the keystroke. If your application is already focused (ga=1), there is no need to trigger the the event.

if ga==0 then Perform "Focus"

If this doesn’t work, it is possible that the gaming application is bypassing Windows drivers and accessing your keyboard at the HID (Human Interface Device) level. This is often done in games to stop players from cheating the system.

Good Luck!

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