Enable / disable processing with one MIDI-Key


I have a QueNexus, where I can send light on/ offs to Notes. and want to achieve the following behaviour:

I want to

  • disable / enable processing with one MIDI-Key and send alternatively NoteOut 0 or 127 for lightning the key off and on.
  • Is it possible to use one MIDI-Key to first enable processing + NoteOut (vel127 = light on) and next trigger disable processing + NoteOut 0 vel0 (= light off)?
  • How can i see if processing is enabled or disabled?

any hints are appreciated.

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To expand on your last question.

Have one preset with note on input to activate the preset on output

Duplicate translator (same input) but have the duplicated translator to send note on message on output instead.

You can use any number of incoming translators looking for the same message and have different outgoing actions so that you can do multiple things.





good to know, but solve my problem half. I want to trigger two action, one after the other with one NoteOn (in a loop).
First trigger – action 1
Second trigger action 2


You can use a timer if you want to delay the second action.
The first translator output would be to trigger the first output action immediately
The second translator would set a timer and start the timer immediately. (say ”timer one”)
Then a third translator as a timer in (”timer one”) that triggers its outgoing action after a delay. You can set the time of delay within the translator.


The solution you suggest is ok, but fit not what I want to achieve. I want to trigger manually the same MIDI-key, first trigger = action 1, second trigger = action 2, next trigger = action 1 etc. like a toggle….


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Set up a global variable (ie ga)

2 translators duplicate input note eg note on note 60 any velocity




if ga==1 exit rules, skip outgoing action

outgoing action note on channel 1 note 60

Second translator same incoming action


if ga==0 exit rules skip outgoing action

outgoing action note off channel 1 note 60

Either the first translator will send note on or second translator will send note off depending on value of ga

so you achieved your toggle.





Hi steve,
thanks a lot. Can you attach the .bmtp file of your solution (I am new to Bomme)?
Would be great,

Get so far..

  • Toggle works (light on/off)
  • but Activate/ Deactivate Preset not, after activation there is immediatly the deactivation

Any hints appreciated

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Here is an example project. Note that I always have an Init preset with 3 translators that do the following

Init – On Project open outgoing action Init Timer

Esc – On keyboard escape key action Init Timer

Init Timer – Rules to set all global variables

The above I’ve found to be just programming practice. That way I can always reset my global variables to a known state with the escape key and all my global variables are self documenting In the init timer action.




My project file did not have activate, deactivate preset. What did you want to achieve with that one?

What translators would you put under it?

Note you can create yet another translator with same input to activate a preset and yet another to deactivate it.

Only preset’s can be activated/deactivated, not translators.


This version also toggles activation and deactivation of a preset.



Thanks a lot Steve for your help,
this example works fantastic for me, I was searching for such a solution!
The idea to switch different Preset on/ off is to use one MIDI-Keyboard for different programs.

A question arises for me:
How can I import Presets from another project in a different (open) project?

\\ Klangschmied //

Alas, there is no import or export function although I know it is on the users’s wish list.