Enabling a HID unit (Griffin PowerMate)

Hi guys :blush:
I’m hoping to give an old Griffin PowerMate a new life as a MIDI controller running through my BomeBox.

The PowerMate is a nice-looking little device (see attached photo) that was made for controlling volume etc. years ago. It was discontinued in 2018 (I think) and the driver software is gone and probably not compatible with anything anymore.

Is there any way to get it to work with the BomeBox?

The device shows up in Windows as a HID device, but I can’t tell whether it’s actually doing anything. BMT and Reaper show no reaction to it.


As always: Thanks to Florian, Steve & al. for your good work on and help with BMT and the BomeBox! Such great tools to have at our disposal :blush:


No sorry. MT Pro recognizes keyboard only and at the keyboard driver level not HID level so MT Pro or BomeBox would likely not work with it.

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I’ll put the idea to rest for now. In a future life, maybe I will build some go-between Arduino hardware unit to convert the PowerMate to a midi controller.