Error 14 Bome Virtual MIDI - windows 11 on Arm - Microsoft Surface Pro X

Hello, I tried now several days to install the bome virutal driver on my windows surface pro x (windows 11) - it always says - error 14 at installing, then it´s installing something - the .dll files are in the system folders.
maschine software is running but I cannot use the maschine hardware directly (maschine mk3) it´s working on my other windows 11 computer - but here i get always error 14 at installation - what can I do?
I followed already the instructions in this forum with deleting the dll files, cleaned registry, etc…
please can someboy help, thanks a lot,

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

I’m sorry. What product did you purchase. Both Bome MIDI Translator and Bome Network have virtual ports. Do you have any other MIDI applications running?

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If it is BMIDI you might want to look at this post on the old forums.

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Hi, I believe that the Surface Pro X is using an Arm processor. Unfortunately, the virtual MIDI ports don’t work on Windows on Arm at this time. We have the plan to update BMIDI to work on Arm, but we cannot disclose any details. Sorry!

Hello, yes it´s using Arm processor - as I see is this topic very old - it would be really good to make it working also on this processor. in the meantime is there another way to geth the maschine mk3 working on the surface? thanks for all your help.

Hi sound-9377,

Not exactly. A few years ago, the previous version of our BMIDI virtual MIDI driver could cause error 14, which basically means that the driver cannot be installed. The current version of BMIDI does not have this problem. But it does not work on Arm, and afaik, you’re the first user reporting this. So in that sense, this is a very new topic…

I’m sorry, I don’t know… Native Instruments will be able to provide an official response to that question.

I have to add, that I googled this issue and it appears that Native instruments has some sort of emulation layer software either released or in works. I can’t remember were I found it but apparently you emulate an X64 environment under ARM so if BMIDI is running in the X64 environment, it might work. All of this would come with a cost of performance since you add a layer of emulation which requires more processing.

With that said, yes, the official answer indeed would need to come from Native Instruments.

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thanks for all your replies and help, hopefully I get it done with NI support…

just to let you know - it doesn´t work - NI cannot support :frowning:

Thanks for letting us know.

The x64 emulation layer is built-in to Windows 11 on ARM, but it only emulates user mode codes, not kernel mode drivers. BOME will need to re-build the driver for ARM64, and then Native Instruments will be able to use the ARM64 build of BMIDI via x64 emulation as-is.

When we can get new virtual midi port driver on windows 11 ARM ?

Hi @dj.ti , thanks for the interest.
At this time, we cannot disclose any status on an ARM version of the BMIDI driver. Sorry for that!
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