ERROR: MIDI IN buffer overflow (MIDI messages lost)

Hey guys,

I've got a relatively small file, but still get this message if I pull faders down too quickly: ERROR: MIDI IN buffer overflow (MIDI messages lost).

I've attached the file. I'm connecting to MA onPC.



The issue is that you are sending output to all open ports including the APC-MINI. The APC-MINI does not tolerate fast fader movement in so what you need to do is set the preset to only send to your application “Bome MIDI Translator 1” and receive from “APC-MINI”. That way the APC-MINI will not receive the fader messages back to itself.

Also, I noticed you have default routes set which is OK. Anything without an incoming trigger in a translator will pass through to the defined port. However, as a personal preference, I generally don’t use default paths and let the translators handle everything. There is more that one time, I couldn’t figure out why some messages were getting through and that is almost always because of default routes set. I usually only use them when I want to pass 98% of everything through and just control the other 2% with translators.

See screenshots. The first one is the project level ports and default paths. The second one is found by selecting the preset and checking the boxes for the inputs and outputs you want for all translators under that preset. You can override these at a translator level as well but it becomes a little unmanageable if there are large configuration changes in your project.

See this tutorial about overriding defaults.

I also attached the the project file with the preset defaults set as shown.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Solved, thank you!