ESI MIDI to USB cable?

Does anyone know of an incompatibility of ESI MIDI to USB cable to Bome? These bidirectional ports are an awkward idea. My MT sees two inputs, but no outputs. Is there anything known?

Not a problem at the moment, because I don’t need outputs yet and have still a small MIDI interface as a backup. This is just an informative question.

Mac mini with MacOS 14.1.1 (Sonoma)

Ah, now, after a while, MIDI Translator sees both ESI ports for input and output. This is correct.

Perhaps a normal USB incubation period? That is getting longer and longer for me here …

However, it would be interesting to hear if anyone else has had problems with an ESI cable-interface

First I heard of them. I doubt if they are part of the standard MIDI cable specification.

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Ok, I know a bit more now. These newer, bidirectional ESI interfaces, even the larger ones, are not fully suitable for standalone operation, but this is not clearly written anywhere. They work well with computer and DAW and are solidly built.

DAW-less and with BomeBox is apparently limited. I get a working input and no output. Direct routing (these switches in Bome Network) works.

I’m keeping it as long as I don’t need ESI output from the BomeBox. For the BomeBox, however, I generally recommend not using ESI at the moment.

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