Execute File

I would like to use the outgoing command to run a vbscript file with parameters. Has anyone used the "Execute file" option for an outgoing command to execute a VB script file?

Yes page 53 of the user manual describes this, however you would need to make your VB script executable probably to make it work. I’ve done something similar with a public domain program called “sendmidi”. In my case I used sendmidi to send a Sysex message and the sysex message was longer than I wanted to load in an outgoing action. On Windows, my guess is it could be an executable file and if not, the default program to open file would need to be defined within Windows. Like the example shows, if you try and execute a .pdf file, Windows will open it with your default PDF viewer with the parameters given in the parameter field.

If you have a default program defined in Windows to open and run a VB script, I can’t imagine why it would not work

Give it a try! I don’t think you will have anything to lose.


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When I browsed directly to the file and selected it, then put the parameters in the parameter field it worked.

Thanks for your help!

Glad as always! Thanks for the confirmation!