Exit rules, execute Outgoing Action one final time

Is there a way to make it so instead of just skipping the outgoing actions when a condition is met, the translator instead executes those actions one final time and then skips the outgoing action? Thanks

Hi, I’m not sure what you mean? In the translator, it will either execute it or not for each iteration, however, you can have an iteration counter as a global variable if you would like and then only execute it one or chosen iterations. Can you explain to me your project and what you are trying to do?

As an example, if the global variable ga=0 you could have a rule like this


if ga!=4 then exit rules, skip outgoing action

In the above example the outgoing action will only execute on the 4th iteration and skip all others.

Steve Caldwell
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I ended up getting it to work in a totally different way, so I luckily I got around this. The idea at the time was that ga would increment every time i moved a knob which also moved the mouse. I wanted there to be a max (let’s say 60) so I put if ga=60 skip (mouse moving).

This meant, though, that it would never reach 60 because every time the variable hit 60 it skipped the move command (this is why I was looking to execute the action one final time before exiting the rules). I tried a few different things like setting if ga>60 then ga=60, but that just had the same issue haha. Putting that code below the “exit rules” code obviously made it never trigger lol.


In the end I tried setting the mouse position as ga instead of trying to run ga alongside the mouse position, and that made everything a lot more simple since it was guaranteed to be synced up and also ended up solving the issue.

I’m glad you figured it out. Yes, there are often more than one way to solve a problem with rules.