Expression pedal CC to Pitchbend

Hi. I’m using MIDI Translate and I’m trying use my expression pedal which is currently set to transmit CC #98 to perform the Pitch Bend function within Ableton. Live I followed the instruction and setup file in another thread which showed how to use cc7 as pitchbend. I have confirmed in ableton midi mapping that ableton is now recognizing my expression pedal inputs as “Pitchbend” instead of cc#98 however the sounds do not pitchbend at all when using the pedal (only the pitchbend wheel works). It’s a BOSS FV-300L pedal.

See the attached file which has my current configuration.

Thanks for any help.

pitchbend midi translate BRYAN.bmtp (787 Bytes)

Hi, it is possible that your Ableton device or plugin doesn’t understand pitch bend or is looking for a CC instead. Could you show screen shots of what you are sending pitch bend to in Ableton Live and how you have things assigned? Both instruments and potentially plugins used for the instrument in question.

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Also, it is possible that the bend amount it to small since CC is 0-127 and Bend is 0-16383.

Try adding these rules


This will duplication the LSB into the LSB and give you full range.

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I added those rules and it now works! Thank you. How do I change the amount of semitones that the pitch bends?

Sorry that was a stupid question…its obviously in the VST itself that I set the pitch bend range.

Yes, the range is generally determined by the receiving device. Some devices allow the sender to adjust the range via MIDI but many do not.