Expression Pedal Extremes as Keystrokes

I’m trying to map the extremes of an expression pedal (Values 0 and 127 on CC#27) to distinct keystrokes (Down, not Physical Keys) with the idea that nothing happen between those 2 values being pressed (basically 1-126 being a dead zone).

Now, I can map those two extremes of the pedal to keystrokes just fine, the problem seems to come when turning them off (the keys will continue to press, despite the extremes of the pedal not being hit). The UP keystroke under Outgoing does not seem to work as intended for expression pedals.

I know changing it to Physical Keys would solve the issue, but the problem is that I want them to mimic a QWERTY keyboard key being held down.

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The attached should work. We use the global variable ga to determine the current state sent. When we hit value of 0 the first translator rules kick in.

First we check the value of ga, if it is 0 it means the keystroke was not sent so we send it and set the value of ga to -1. If it is already -1 it means the down keystroke was already sent and we do nothing.

The second translator does the same for value of 127 except we use a value of +1 for ga.

The third and forth translators look for the last keystroke sent and only send a keystroke up if it is the same value we sent for down. t for top and b for bottom. Of course you can change the keystrokes to whatever you like. I use the global variable zz for debug which doesn’t send keystrokes when set to one but just annotates what it is doing in the log window if zz=1.

cc-dead-zone-keystroke-2022-01-21.bmtp (2.3 KB)

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This is perfect, thank you.

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