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I am working my way through some of the Bome projects from my ‘past life’. I am taking bits and pieces from old projects, to build new.

One thing I notice is old port names, no longer used; as well as aliases, also no longer used. I have physical ports from hardware and 16 virtual ports created with Bome Network. BN 1, Bn 2,…BN 16. That’s all I want to see. I don’t want to see old virtual ports or aliases. Do I have to uninstall/reinstall Bome Network and Translator? Or is there a way to purge olde unused ports permanently.

Perhaps my comment in the first paragraph is where I created the problem.


For Virtual Ports created by Bome Network, if you don’t want them any more, you have to delete them one by one.

For aliases, you can remove all defined aliases by the menu View-Setting and then click Reset and then remove all aliases.


When removing aliases, however if you open a project with an undefined alias, it will try to create it again so you should go through your old project and also remove any references to any unused aliases otherwise when you open the project again it will prompt you for the port that you want to assign the alias.

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Thanks Steve

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