Fader as mouse wheel

Hi just trying to use a fader to scroll, i started watching the relative encoder tutorial. when i captured the midi message it wasn't a cc its "MIDI B0 29 7D" and so on? i managed to connect to the mouse wheel but its only moving in increments.Would it be possible to scroll + when the fader is above 50% and - when its below?

or fader at 0% is scroll down and at 100% is up?


B0 29 7D is CC 41 (29 hex) on MIDI channel 1 value of 125.

The “B” indicates that it is a CC.

The “0” indicates it is MIDI channel 1 (they count from 0 to 15 or 0-F Hex)

7D is hex value which is 125 decimal.

You might want to create a dead zone so that if your fader is centered, the mouse doesn’t scroll in either direction. I you want it to continuously scroll when above or below the dead zone, you will need to use a timer to send scroll messages.

I’ve attached a project file. The first translator sets the scroll direction and the dead zone and starts a timer when outside the limits. The second translator kills the timer when in the dead zone. The third translator is the timer itself that moves the scroll wheel depending on the direction you want to move it.





Thats Awwesome! I enjoy this so much. I needed a hex to decimal converter because im hopeless.Great work.
Thanks so much for your support.

You’re welcome.
There are many hex to decimal decimal to hex conversion tools on the internet. If you have Microsoft Windows, you can put the calculator into “programmers” mode.
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