Fader for a dummy .O)

How to control fader out with pitch bend + and -

I set the fader to
Incoming midi :
Pitch Bend on ch.1 with bend 0 (0x00)

then I will like to have:
Pitch Bend on ch.1 with bend 1
to be out x

Pitch Bend on ch.1 with bend -1
to be y


I believe the attached is what you are looking for. Usually pitch bend gets reset to 0 after releasing the joystick so I assume this is the case here.

In the example moving the pitch bend in one will increase the CC7 (fader) value.
Moving in the other direction will decrease the CC7 value.

We maintain the current fader value in the global variable ga and never let it go more than 127 or less than 0. We update the fader value by the amount of pitch bend. If you release the lever and pitch bend goes to 0 then nothing happens and it retains the current fader value.

We actually don’t care much about the value of pitch bend itself, just whether it is moving up or down.

Pitch-Bend-to-Fader-Example.bmtp (1.3 KB)

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No sorry
This is a Fader on an Icon m+
But is it correct that increase the fader will be increased and decrease value to ga from last know value and I would like to set an output for ga<0
and an other output for ga>0

The fader automatic returns to center when release

Could you turn on logging for MIDI IN and MIDI OUT in MT Pro and then capture the data in the log windows. You should be abled copy and paste either into a text file for upload or paste it directly in a posting. In the testing I did, the fader did not return to center so I’m not sure if the Platform M+ is sending something a little different.

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Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

The retur of the fader is my.
But how do I get an Output from the

Pitch-Bend that you sendt…?

1.So now I can control the fader ,by the bend amount.
So how do I control the output ?
something like pp<=41, output 1?
and pp>=41,output 2 ?

2.Is there anywhere I can read abut variabels, to understand the differs between ga , pp or qq ?

The pitch bend amount is a 14 bit variable where the CC is 7 bit so you will loose some precision. The rules determine the amount of positive or negative movement. If you want relative movement. Variables (global and local) are described in the user manual. Press F1 to open up the PDF manual.

In this case, I’m converting pitch bend to either increase or decrease the absolute amount of the fader (how most faders work), The fader value is held in the global variable “ga”.

The first incoming byte E0 is E-Pitchbend 0-MIDI Channel 1 (0 based numbering)

The second and third bytes are their 14 bit value. I set up the translator so that 0 is the center point. Normally it is 0-16383 in this case it is -8192 to +8191 wht ith a center point of 0. In this fashion I believe E0 20 00 is the center point representing 0. In your log the last entry was E0 10 17. If you release it to center what is the last incoming pitch bet value you see? Maybe the platform M+ manipulates the values a little bit different than my XKey 37 pitch bend.

Right now the fader only moves either up or down if you move off of center.

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Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Also your output is going to your platform M which is probably wrong and it should go to your DAW (Bome MIDI Translator x Virtual Port).

Thanks I´ll start reading ;o)