Faderfox LD2 > MT > RME TotalMix FX ?

Does anyone have a preset that they like for translating the Faderfox LD2 into the common TotalMix FX commands (the LD2 could be a great headphone mixer surface)? Or failing that, just any MT translator preset that talks nicely to TMFX? Last but not least, did anyone just give up and end up using OSC instead?

Just thought I'd ask so that I'm not reinventing the wheel here. Thanks!

Hi, I'm not aware of any. If no-one else chimes in within the next day or two, let me know if you need help with a specific function that you are having trouble with. There are so many people out there that have different controllers and different applications so your combination just may not be here. You could check with  the DAW or controller manufacturer as they would more than likely know of something that works out of the box.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks Steve. I've reached out. I'll dig through the posts here that come up under the "TotalMix" search term and see what's good.

OK, looking at their web site, it seems they are tightly integrated with the hardware that they sell so not sure how much help they will be with hardware that doesn’t belong to them.

You’d be surprised. The RME forum is quite deep, and people know their stuff. RME is actually one of the few pro audio companies who are tolerant of people digging into their software, though the attitude is definitely one of “here’s the command list, do what you will, we’re not going to spend time supporting it.”

OK, fingers crossed.