FCB1010 w/ EurekaPROM Input/Output Mode Template

Hello there! I am completely new to the Bome MIDI translator, and very excited about its possibilities. I am using the FCB1010 to control my live rig in Gig Performer 4, and would like to use Bome software to better synchronize Gig Performer with my FCB1010 (footswitch on/off indicators, LED display, etc.). I know that there have been existing projects doing something similar to me, for example the review posted by Steven Caldwell that features the I/O mode of the EurekaPROM. I am wondering if there are any templates or demos out there that anyone would be willing to share with me, so that I will not have to reinvent the wheel. Thanks so much in advance for any support you can offer! -Gordon

Hi @Gordon.Crean ,

Drop me an email. I have one started but it is far from complete. I can send it to you for personal use only (not to be shared) for a modest fee. I spent quite a few hours setting this up so I need to recover some costs.

It currently has some bank management and display only of the 7 Segment and not the Pedal or upper area LED.s If you make substantial changes and want to share or sell the final version. I can sell you the rights to the template to do that for a bit more. Right now the pedals don’t send any data but just update the 7 segment display which is the hardest part of the programming. Sending Data and updating pedal LED’s is much easier.

I also set it up so that one of the expression pedals updates the 7 segment with it values when moved. It has 2 banks but with the structure, adding more banks would pretty easy.

Finally, I didn’t like the character format of the 7 segment stock EurekaSound Firmware, so I got a special build where I could control the 7 segment display segments individually, essentially allowing me to build my own character set. You might check with them whether they would be willing to provide it to you. My template includes capabilities to use either the stock firmware or the special one that EurekaSound provided to me. My guess is at some point they will add the new feature to their standard distribution. The firmware I provided also allows for remote control of any attached relays.

Again, drop me an email and we can discuss further.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Thanks so much for your prompt response, Steve! I am following up via e-mail now.