Feature request .... control which variables are shown when doing Dump Variables

It would make debugging easier if I could request showing only variables that are of current interest while I debug translators. As debugging proceeds, more and more variables show up, often more than 100, and scanning to find the ones I'm interested in becomes a chore.

I think I may already have asked to have only translators that I know are involved are in a certain action to be displayed in the log file... that would be nice also.



Great request! I think I have also asked for this in the past. I call it “watched variables”. I also asked for “watched ports”. Both would be great debugging techniques. In both cases, I’m looking for ways to restrict the log view to just areas of interest. In the meantime, I end up just turning all logging on. Save the log to a file, and then use various “Unix like” tools to evaluate the items I’m interested in. (grep, and awk primarily are the ones I use). In other cases I disable uninteresting pre-sets or translators but sometimes that doesn’t work because the issues only surface when the interactions between translators and presets are enabled.



I do something similar – with PSPad editor – which has fairly nice features for searching for specified strings, and much the same as you, find turning off translators sometimes workable, and sometimes not.