Feature request: Filtering MIDI data on log window

Currently the Bome log window displays MIDI from all ports on my computer. It would simplify things greatly for trouble shooting purposes if Bome had a simple filter selection for which ports to display MIDI in its log window. Ideally, a separate for MIDI in, and MIDI out.

In my workflow, I have several devices and several virtual devices, and when I troubleshoot my translators, I have to see multiple copies of the MIDI data as it passes from device to device. Sometimes this is useful, but often it slows me down. Sometimes I would just like to display the MIDI coming from my external device, and then who the MIDI data being send to my DAW through a virtual MIDI port. My current work-around is to create two additional virtual MIDI devices as “test points” and then use the BMT router to send copies of the data I want to see to the virutal MIDI devices. Then I use MIDI-OX to display the MDI.

It would be more efficient if I could just select the ports (device and direction) to display from within BMT.


p.s. I accidentally marked as resolved, my recent posting on a feature request to simply the creation of translators by adding additional capabilities for string variables, and string operators etc.. Could you please change its status back to UNRESOLVED? Thanks.


There is a log "filter" feature being developed and it should be available upon the next release. The feature will be set up to allow for filtering on simple text patterns. 


Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz