Feature Request: Scroll Lock in Capture MIDI window please

When BMTP is hooked up to Cubase through many virtual ins and I need to capture some MIDI, I get bombarded with MIDI data and this often leads to the original MIDI message being lost. As in, when I scroll to the top it just isn’t there anymore. Often I need to close Cubase just to capture a simple MIDI message.


Thanks @Jesse.B

I will pass your request along. I’m thinking we may need to limit the capture MIDI box to only certain MIDI sources to reduce incoming traffic there. I’m not sure how difficult this will be. Alternatively you could.

  1. Filter in the Log Windows
  2. Copy and paste the required MIDI from the filtered data in the log window to the MIDI In Box for the translator input.
  3. Adjust the incoming message as necessary.

I know this is not optimal, but just a workaround/suggestion for now. This might be easier than disabling a whole bunch of inputs from Cubase.

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Yes, a filter for the capture box would be excellent. Thanks for the workaround, I will give it a try.