Feature request

I frequently find myself navigating to a different preset from the one I'm working on to find out how a global variable is treated there - for other reasons too, but this scenario gives the general picture.

When I'm done checking out this second preset, I have to navigate back to the first, but often find I've forgotten which one it is. Of course a pencil and paper could solve the problem, but, as with many other things in life, I'm prone to be a bit undisciplined, and forget to do that too.

A nice feature to have in MT would be a hotkey or menu item that returns one to a previous preset. This is kind of along the lines of another suggestion I made a while back, to be able to navigate to a preset and translator by clicking on a reference to it in the log file.


Hi Gabriel,

I believe this feature request has already been captured but if not, I’ll make sure Florian is aware. This feature could potentially conflict with a translator that has keystroke in if not careful though but I know there are other hotkeys that are supported so it is probably feasible.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


I know this is old…but in case you missed it (Thanks Florian) its possible to simply double click in the log window to jump to the preset/trans/line number

Excellent but not obvious feature