FEATURE SUGGESTION: Global Naming/Definition list/ Timer events

No doubt the meaningful naming of globals is already on the request list but also, would be nice, even now, if there was simply a label that could be attached to a global that allowed a description as sometimes things get complex eg
There is no rule to check if a timer is in progress

so from what I can understand, i have to use a global to capture the state of a timer
On Timer “VPot Button”
ge =1


Unless there is a better way to manage async stuff?

Great suggestions. Yes the way you are currently doing it is the only way I know of today.

Note that the term MyTimer.Active may be different between a repeating timer and one shot timer. Right now MT Pro is not object oriented. I’m hoping at some time this can be added. I know that there are several scripting options that are being explored that we need to balance between power and usability for non-programmer musicians.

Thanks for the suggestion!

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