FEATURE SUGGESTION: Hide midi ports in project

Would be really nice to have a port display set up page, where the full list of available ports is available but with a show/hide tag for subsequent visibility in projects

To make use easier, especially when you are using only aliases with coded naming and there is simply no need to see any of the other ports.
This is true when many translators are specific input/output ports: similar to ‘Only Show Open Ports’ in router

Not a biggy but ever bit helps with efficiency and reducing confusion especially as projects grow

I actually only need to see the aliases…the rest is completely irrelevant and would help emphasise using aliases as part of good workflow




Yes, this is a great suggestion! Especially for those of us who have many many devices and virtual ports. Maybe a checkbox to only show aliases?

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That would be perfect :slight_smile:
Be good for port router as well ie only display ‘project’ and secondary tag type filter of alias to further filter it would be cool

great idea! (and it’s already on our feature request list…)

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Alles Klar!