FEATURE SUGGESTION: Lock keystroke input to HUI device

So that keyboards (in my case a keypad) can more robustly manage interactions, it would be great if the keystroke input could nominate where its coming from and block it from the rest of the system…just a thought.

This came about because, while relearning a lot of info, I use a hotkey to flash up the pdf shortcut list/map. Currently its on the qualifier keys…learning until its muscle memory is very much the key of all things left brain/creative :slight_smile:

Yes, for now, the keystroke input has no idea which attached keyboard is sending it. I think this would require a much more deeper integration with the operating system (at the raw keyboard level HID level). I’ll pass along the request, however.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Ive just run a toggle key for now so I can workaround…always nice to clean code it hey? :slight_smile: