Im currently using an MCU emulator to report custom messaging etc about what is happening in MTP but Im thinking…this would be useful in many cases? So what Im proposing is an ‘always on top’ info panel that can be used for identifying eg actions and so on…a bit like the midi feedback panel on the right but instead of cringey sysex…just being able to send text from a translator etc would be so cool…
Being blind when mtp stuff is all up has always been a bit stressful…especially at gigs :slight_smile:

So what Im saying is that this would run in exactly the same way as this example as an external panel but directly associated with MTP if that makes sense.

The characters (if you are interested) are Button 12 and shift (^) which covers ZOOM/TIME and the G1, G2 etc underneath are the gestures by number/function

Thanks for the suggestion, I will pass it along. As far as MCU monitor, the tool I use is MIDI Tools by Mountain Utilities which allows for up to for MCU monitors. I pass the info back to the MCU Monitors using a return MIDI Thru function.

The top portion of your screenshot just looks like it must be Cubase.

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Yep that was one of the first that I tried…hehe I think inn 2005
Its a little dated and like I said, its a bit cranky using sysex…would be nice to have an informative tool that feeds back to the user, especially when developing and absolutely when training

Just a thought

Yep Cubase since v1.0 on Atari
But I have tried most others along the way…
Logic (also started on Atari)
PT, FL…you know the usual suspects
I do remote scripting for OEM hardware suppliers for Live…its not bad but mix…always Cubase or PT

Yes, my guess is that the focus on Bome MIDI Translator Pro is more on functionality and less on presentation. There are so many other tools for that. I sometimes do presentation related stuff in AutoHotKey. Mackie MCU is so specific to a given platform, I’m not sure if I would spend much time on a GUI for that or for Mackie HUI (which Pro Tools uses and also has a SysEx display format.). Anyway, the request has been passed along.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services: bome@sniz.biz

Sorry if I didnt explain it clearly…MCU was just a pathway to thinking about it.
Remember when we were doing that gesture job together…this is the perfect tool. Its not presentation so much…its user feedback on the functions that mtp is carrying out…even if it had nothing to do with MCU


thanks for the idea. We are already considering a feature request to control free-form displays as outgoing action.

Outgoing Action: Show Display

    (o) standard window ( ) Always-on-top window  ( ) Overlay / OSD
    [ ] hide window after ___ seconds
    Window ID: ___________
	Text: ____________________

Outgoing Action: Hide Display

    Window ID: ___________

The text to display can be multiple lines, and embed variables with the usual %-notation options already used in the Execute File, Serial Port, and other actions.

For a normal window, or an always-on-top window, you can freely move it and it will always re-appear at that location.

Would that work?

Yes that would be great…and consistent
I like the idea that as its basis…its a utility window; it can grow from there. The status bar in Live is actually quite well implemented…just a bit half baked because of its limitations.

An LCD type display is all I was thinking but no doubt it will become more than that…

One note…it should definitely support extended character sets if possible; symbols make the presentation a lot more precise and UX pleasant

Cheers Florian

Yes, MT Pro supports Unicode. But it depends on the font which characters are available.
So, maybe setting the font would be a good option, too.

Oh, and as always: no promise when or if we will implement feature requests in MT Pro…

I understand…I have a workaround for now…which, since getting the spreadsheet to manage it all…is ok.
I keep it all in records in the spreadsheets so I should be able to easily transpose the framework when a better solution arises


I noticed with the MCU emulator…the provided the font so I would likely use a google font or non prop for it?

I don’t think we need to add font loading for this requested feature. You can set the font in the outgoing action. Then MT Pro uses the font (by name) if it is installed on the operating system. If not, fall back to the default font used in MT Pro.

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I guess the MCU is needing the LCD font so its a different use case

I trust that you know whats best for timelines but this is a particularly valuable tool: im happy to help contribute in some way if that is of any consequence :slight_smile: