FEATURE SUGGESTION: Variable for keystroke args

To be able to program gestures parametrically for keystrokes eg F13-24, it would be good to be able to assign a global var to the keystroke argument as is done with midi…is that a possibility? ie use just the hex V key value>>integer? That way I could use use the argument (normalised to an integer range) as a subroutine index and use goto label to do it all from 1 piece of code

If there are multiple keystrokes, the value should be an integer of all elements which could then be bitmasked etc to extract the values?



Again, excellent request! Captured and noted. Thanks for keeping them coming. I wish I could provide time lines and status but cannot.

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@mwesse , I can imagine this for the Key Down or Key Up incoming keystroke types.

[x] trigger on any keystroke, set variable ga to virtual key code
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Additionally, it would be good if the keydown/up state could be determined as well…else a separate translator must be assigned etc…

So then, maybe a new type “Parametric”:

When to trigger:
( ) on key down
( ) on key up
(o) set variable to 1 on down and 0 on up: _pp_

Set variable to virtual key code (VK): _qq_

Yep that would be great
Would simplify larger scan sets down to a single translator and propagate the variables out to the code forks.

Cool :wink: