Filtering keystroke events from secondary USB computer keyboard. Possible?

Can Bomes MIDI translator distringuish between two computer keyboards when translating keystrokes to MIDI?

I am searching for a way to use a secondary external computer keyboard connected via USB to my laptop to initiate various MIDI tasks in Reaper and MIXXX.

A USB computer keyboard is potentially a cheap, universal MIDI controller. The problem I run into when researching various keystroke to MIDI solutions is that the internal laptop keyboard and any external USB computer keyboards are treated as one and the same keyboard.

So far only the app Karabiner Elements can filter based on input source, but I’ve found no way to have Karabiner generate MIDI events. All suggestions are welcome, including Bomes. Thanks in advance.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Unfortunately there is no way to distinguish between keyboards. This is
one reason many people like to use MIDI. This is primarily due to design of
the OS keyboard drivers.

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Hi Steve, I figured so. It’s a bit of a niche case, but I do see posts here and there online where other people have gotten the same idea. The MacOS app Karabiner Elements can filter keyboard events based on their source which is handy. I might try to see if I can make it launch a script to trigger a MIDI note.

Thanks for your reponse.