Focusrite Mix Control - Inject Mouse Click

I am trying to interact with Focusrite Control Mix software by using Bome Midi Translator to 'click' automatically. It works when I do an absolute mouse click (no inject event) but when I try to do this with an Inject event it does not do anything. Bome recognises the program when I identify it with the capture button (green rectangle) and the same procedure works for a simple folder. It this just the program not being compatible with mouse inject or am I overseeing something?

I downloaded the Focusrite Mix Control software just to try this out and simply close the program to verify that it works. It does respond to normal mouse click event but not by injecting.

Off-topic: regardless of whether this will work or not I wanted to add how great Bome Midi Translator and the Bomebox have been for me. No doubt the best investment I've done in my life performance rig so far.

Hi, indeed it is possible that your program may not recognize injected mouse clicks. If not, you will have to rely on non-injected clicks which means your mouse will need to be positioned at an absolute mouse position with the program window open and active. If I can find a free demo copy of Focusrite Mix Control, I’ll give it a try and see if injected mouse clicks works for me.


Steve Caldwell

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Oh and as another happy user, I agree on your comment. I consider Bome MT Pro my Swiss Army Knife for controlling MIDI devices and software.


Thank you, I kind of feared this must be software related. It works fine when I use the same code on a basic windows folder. At least it works in the absolute approach.

I just downloaded the program by googling focusrite mix control download. It doesn’t do anything functional without the hardware but it does open the program so I could test it with Bome.

(Off-topic: agreed, amazing functionality for little investment. Most the music related stuff I’ve bought is only one of those two)