Foot switch Protools audio channel

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Please advise how to control in protools audio channel with external foot switch with Arduino

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First, the Arduino that you have would need to have a serial port for communction to your computer running Bome MIDI Translator Pro. This is usually accomplished by the USB adapter, however some newer Arduinos use a different chip that is "communications’ and not serial. An original Arduino UNO will usually do nicely.

Then you need to write a sketch for the Arduino that converts a pin signal change to a serial message to send to Bome MIDI Translator Pro which could take that message and translate to MIDI to send the desired MIDI command to Pro Tools.

I’m not sure what Audio you want to control, whether it is audio volume for a given channel or to mute/unmute a given channel or whatever. Usually Pro Tools responds to Mackie HUI commands so you would need to provide more detail on how you want to ‘Control Audio’.

Honestly, it probably makes more sense just to use a MIDI pedal port than build your own with Arduino, because the time and cost would probably be less, but I guess that is your decision.

We can provide some tips and coaching here for free, however for more involved projects that would require paid consulting (which as an independent consultant I can offer). If interested you can email or PM me for rates. In either case I would need more detail on your requirements.

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Thanks for antwort,
I need only channel mute and unmute, Whats shape of hexacode must
The PT command have otherwise.

If you want to mute only one track it would be:

b0 0f tr B0 2f 42 - For Mute On
b0 0f tr B0 2f 02 - For Mute Off

where tr is the track number of track 0-7

If you want to mute everything it would be:

b0 0f 11 b0 2f 43 - For Mute On
b0 0f 11 b0 2f 03 - For Mute Off

All numbers are hexadecimal.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:


thanks a lot, this I need.


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