Fractions in Expressions

Long story short, have some short comings in some of my software and can’t get and receive clock like I would like, so my thought was I would like to send values to my timed guitar effects through Bome…

App 1 sends Bome my BPM value in a Program Change. I am then assigning the value as a variable, I am then trying to use Bome expressions to calculate the milliseconds to send to my guitar effects.

The issue I am running into is I can’t seem to get or use fractions of a value. Example I am trying to take my variable and multiple by 1.5 I can’t get Bome to work with anything except whole numbers ???

Yes, Bome MIDI Translator only handles integer arithmetic. Also if you want accurate BPM, you will not be able to do that with MIDI Translator as the precision would need to be in microseconds and MT Pro works only at the millisecond level. There are some postings that I’m pretty sure I did recently with MIDI Clock but you will defiantly see some inaccuracies there. It would be better to use an external MIDI clock source. There are several controllers out there that generate clock and many DAWs do as well.

As far as multiply by 1.5, what you do is first multiply the incoming number by 150 then divide by 100 and then you should have an integer representation of the result.

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I am not sending clock just BPM values (none of my app play well with actual clock being sent) so I am basically converting BPM into a millisecond value to set my time effects to (if that makes sense)…I am honestly laughing out loud, how did I forget such simple math!!!

OK, sounds good then the math should work but with possible rounding errors.