Generate CC that acts like Song Stop Command

Hi ( again )

I would like bome to generate a CC command in the way a song stop command would generate from a loop station.

Basically I have 3 CCs ... CC8, CC9, CC10,

When all 3 of these CCs reach a value of 0

I would like bome to Generate a CC7 (value 127)


CC8-10 trigger loops in bitwig and when the last loop is shut off id like Bome to send CC7 to stop the Clip Launcher.


Thanks so much for all the help as I try my hardest to make my software act like hardware. 🤔


See the attached.  Here we capture the incoming CC# and assign it a bitmap in global varible ga.

We use CC8 to set or clear bit 0, CC9 to set or clear bit 1 and CC10 to set or clear bit 2

So we don't send any output unless ga=0  (all bits clear, meaning all 3 CCs at value of 0).

I heavily commented the rules so hopefull with a little studying you can figure it out.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
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Hi Steve,

Hmm so i think the only issue is this translator doesnt assume that CCs 8-10 start at 0 off.

So lets say I turned CC8 on and then shut it off without triggering CC9 and 10 to start. The CC7 (makeshift stop) should fire.

I believe the translator just needs to assume 8-10 are at 0 off to start but you will know better.

Just set up a translator to set ga to 0 at start without outgoing action for one shot timer “init”. Then you can duplicate the existing translator and change its incoming trigger to “init” and you should be all set.

ok so created a translator MIDI MESSAGE-CONTROL CHANGE-Channel 1 -CC# ga- Value 0 - no rules - no outgoing

Then Duplicated the existing translator and set the Incoming to Timer - Init - kept the rest the same

Doesnt seem to be working… What did I mess up?

Please post your project and I will look at, fix it and advise what I did.


Here it is... forgive me if I did a terrible job piecing this together. I am trying my hardest to learn as I go.


OK. I deleted your translator with Init timer as input because nothing was calling it.

I change dtranslator 2.0 (ga-0) to "ga=7" to trigger when you project opens. It has one rule. ga=7

So basically translator 2.2 kicks in and as soon as CC's 8-10 are all 0, then your CC#7 output will trigger.

What you had was also setting bits above bit 2 so ga would have never gone to zero. For instance if ga was 28 as an example the binary would have been 11100. So bits 4 and 5 would be set and since the logic I created was only manipulating bits 0-2 ga would have never gone to 0. The best you would have achieved is 11000 a value of 24.

Here is the update.


Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist



Hi Steve, Didnt see much of a difference and I managed to figure out that the problem is two translators I have are interfering with eachother. 

If the Translater CLIP LAUNCH STOP is moved above CLIP LAUNCH START SONG I get the correct stopping behavior but not the correct Start Song behavior which is send CC1 on first press of any pedal CC8-10 at 127

If the translator CLIP LAUNCH START SONG is above CLIP LAUNCH STOP I get the correct starting behavior but not the correct Stop behaviour which is send CC7 when CC8-10 are at 0... The CC7 wii send if i press all 3 CC8-10 on the of but not if i just trigger one or two and shut them off. Again this translator DOES behave perfectly if its above the other.


I included a cleaned up version of my project attached with other controllers removed to see if you can spot what i am messing up.


I think it might be helpful to explain my whole thinking process but if it isnt or is redundant just ignore

Whenever CC8-10 at 127 is triggered, CC1 at 127 is generated by bome ( my makeshift Start Song ) which triggers Scene 1 bitwig.

Whenever CC8-10 all reach value 0, after at least one of them is turned on, CC7 at 127 is generated by bome (my makeshift Song Stop ) which stops the clip launcher.

To further complicate things, different batches off CCs do the same functions but trigger different scenes. So all "makeshift stops" - CC7 remain the same but the "Song/Scene Starts" go up one CC

CC8-10- Start-CC1 Triggers Scene 1 

CC11-13- Start-CC2 Triggers Scene 2 

CC14-16- Start-CC3 Triggers Scene 3 

CC17-19- Start-CC4 Triggers Scene 4 

CC20-22- Start-CC5 Triggers Scene 5 

CC23-25- Start-CC6 Triggers Scene 6 

* note- The individual CCs 8-25 are muting and unmuting idividual clips... 3 mutes per scene.


Thanks again steve its so close.


OK, the bitmap I set up for you is only for CC8-10 so you will get unpredictable results for the other CC's

I assume all scene 1 stuff is working OK?

For Scenes 2-6 you will need to set up different global variables for those or adjust the bitmaps to higher bits in ga. You could use bits 3-6 for scene 2 7-10 for scene 3 etc (we have up to 32 bits to work with). Or if you don't mind up eating more global variables, you could use the same bits but use gb for scene 2 gc for scene 3 etc.


Also, what happens if you send clip start and it is already started? In your project it keep sending clip start and there is no check to see whether it has already started. Is this messing anything up.

We are getting close to going beyond the scope of free support here so if you want me to create the entire solution for you, please email me and I can help with paid support.

Steve Caldwell
Bome Q and A Moderator and
Independent Bome Consultant/Specialist


Hi Steve, There is only 1 issue with the whole thing. Its that the behavior for the CLIP LAUNCH STOP translator isnt working properly when both the CLIP LAUNCH START SONG and CLIP LAUNCH STOP are activated in the same project.

IF I deactivate CLIP LAUNCH START SONG then CLIP LAUNCH STOP works properly... trying to figure out a solution for that.