Generating Dynamic Tap Tempo from Drum Trigger

Hi there. I’m new to Bome and MIDI Translator Pro and have a funny use case that I’m trying to solve.

I would like to achieve a fluid, dynamically shifting tempo that is perpetually generated on the fly by a kick drum trigger. I’m an improv/noise musician, so I’m quite happy to have odd tempo slippage effects that sound a little chaotic.

I’m conceptualising the solution as derived from the interval between the most recent and penultimate notes. I did some digging, and found the translators and script from this page which seem to use that principle, which I’m currently trying to adapt without success:

Where my use case differs from the above is that I have a kick drum pedal connected to an eDrumin, passed via Channel 1 to the Bomebox, which is passed to a Blokas Midihub, then on to a Nord Drum 3p. I think the issue is that the Midihub has very limited-to-no sys ex functionality, so the linked solution isn’t working when I select the sync option on the Midihub Delay pipe. According to the forums, the Midihub should accept clock from other devices though.

I’m guessing that my situation may be simpler than the link above - I imagine that I probably don’t need the sys ex stuff at all. But this is one of the first things I’ve tried, so I’m not sure how to adapt it to my purposes.

I’d really appreciate some help when any of you get a minute!


Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

So as I understand, you want the kick drum interval to control the current tempo. You want Bome MIDI Translator to send a CC to the Midihub to tell it what tempo to use to adjust the clock of the MIDIhub.
Is this correct? Or is there a SysEx message that you want to send to the Nord Drum to tell it to change tempo?

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Hi Steve - thanks for the welcome, and thanks for the prompt reply!

For the time being, I just want to be able to adjust the clock of the Midihub, which can work with standard clock, start, stop & continue messages.

At a later date I might also want to be able to adjust the delay of the Nord Drum, but it’s not a priority problem to solve now - just controlling the Midihub tempo is fine for now.

Thank you!


This might help get you started. On my MIDI hub I set it to bypass MIDI clock generation with CC48 and to control BPM with CC49 on MIDI CH 1 to the first MIDIHub port.

Translator 0.0 allows me to start and stop clock with Note 0 on MIDI CH 1 (toggle)
Translator 0.1 allows me to adjust clock speed with CC0 on MIDI CH 1 (sending CC49 on MIDI Hub)
Translator 0.2 starts a repeating 1ms timer (the best granularity we can get with MT Pro)
Translator 0.3 stops the timer
Translator 0.4 is a counter that increments the value of global variable gb every 1 ms
Translator 0.5 calculates the ms between last time pressed (tap tempo using Note 1 on MIDI CH 1)
It also a calculations to ensure the value is between 0 and 127. You might need to manipulate this formula to the values you want for outgoing BPM It also sends CC49 on MIDI

I also have a midi thru route between the MIDI Hub and the Nord Drum so that timing clock gets through.


I have set up the aliases “My Controller” to control all of this and “Nord Drum” which I currently send to a Virtutal MIDI port. You would assign these aliases to your actual devices on your system.


MIDIHub Clock Control-2022-07-05.bmtp (2.6 KB)

Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

Also available for paid consulting services:

Amazing - thank you Steve. I’m out today but will have a look this evening or tomorrow. Nice one!