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Hi all -

I recently came across something I wanted to do, and wondered if Bome might be the answer.

I picked up a Genki Wave MIDI ring, which is quite cool; vibrato is the best thing I’ve found so far.

It implements various other gestures such as “tap”. I was wondering if I could use this to control note velocity in combination with a non-velocity-sensitive MIDI controller. But the implementation is a bit odd. It only seems possible to tie the tap gesture to a note or a CC.

I’m wondering if I could use Bome to create a setup where it could read the value of a key I pressed, and combine this with CC information from Wave’s tap gesture to trigger a note with a corresponding velocity. I’d be interested in any thoughts on whether I might be able to accomplish this with Bome. Cheers!


Hi, this looks like an interesting device but i’m not sure if it will work the way you want it to.
It appears the the UI of the Wave Software is were you define the note or CC. I’m not sure you can dynamically combine that with a button you press to tell the Wave Software which CC to map it to. I think you will need to experiment with the Wave Software to see if it can use incoming CC messages from a MIDI controller to define the mapping.

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Hi -

Thanks for the reply. Unfortunately the Wave software doesn’t support a MIDI input for the note to use with the tap function. The only options are to configure it to send a MIDI CC value, or a specific note with a velocity corresponding to the tap. (The software is used to configure the ring for one of these, then the ring can be routed directly to eg a DAW.)

In order to be able to combine this data with a MIDI note generated by another controller, I’d need to use something like Bome or Max. In the first instance I was wondering if it would be possible with Bome, and if so, how to approach it.

The logic would need to be something like this:

  1. Store the last note-on from channel 1 (keyboard)
  2. When a note-on is received on channel 2 (Wave ring), play the note from 1 with the velocity from 2.


The project below should get you started. It has two translators
The first captures the last note on from MIDI CH 1 into global variable “ga”
The second take a note from MIDI CH2 and applies its velocity to note ga before sending it out on MIDI CH 1.

Genki-Wave.bmtp (1.2 KB)

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That looks amazing, thanks! I’ll study that…