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I hope someone can help me, I’m needing to use “90 0B 7F” from my launchpad MK2 to trigger Key Stroke “F13”, I’ve done it already and it’s working but the thing is that this shortcut only works when OBS is the active window. I mean i want to be able to trigger “F13” from my launchpad MK2 when using Google Chrome for example or any other app and to still use the Key Stroke in the app OBS which would be running in the background, can this be solved by using Rules? is there anything on MTP I’m missing?, thank you in advance. I’m using Windows 10.

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Yes, you can set up two translators with that same incoming tirigger and a different outgoing action.

The trigger for both translator would be 90 0B 7F.
The first translator outgoing action would be to focus on OBS with 0ms delay.
Then the second translator would be to send F13 after a 10 msec delay (enough time to get Windows to target the OBS application.

If you then want the application back to Google Chrome, you would have another translator with the same incoming trigger and with an outgoing action to focus Chrome with a 20msec delay.

Unfortunately OBS does not support injected keystroke events.

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Steve! thanks a lot for your answer, actually thanks for a lot of you answers and videos from this forum and on youtube, you’ve helped me a lot in the past.

I solved it the way you suggest by using Key Stroke “F13” but instead of using “Focus” to go back to Google Chrome I send another Key Stroke “Alt(Tab)” in the same translator after a 30ms delay so it brings back to the same application i was using before triggering the shortcut, it’s been super reliable so far and it doesn’t make my gamepad stop working in the game, thanks again!

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That is great to hear!

Hey Steve, so I kept messing around with this and I found the way to inject keystrokes into OBS!! In Outgoing Keystroke I deleted Alt(Tab) and only left F13 then I clicked on “Windows: Inject Event (advanced)”, “Capture…” and then what I capture is the OBS Settings window(previously opened) and it’s working! It’s sending Keystrokes directly to OBS when OBS is in the background! I’m super happy about this, hope this helps anyone.

That is great! I’ve never been able to get OBS to recognize injected keystrokes. What version are you running?


BMTP 1.9.0 build 1022 with OBS studio 27.2.3 64-bit

I’ll give it a try tomorrow.


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