Getting APC-MINI and Ableton Live both to send MIDI to GrandMA2

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Cannot get Ableton Live and APC MINI to both send MIDI to GrandMA2.


APC MINI → Windows PC1 running Ableton Live
Output from Ableton Live to BomeBox DIN then via Bome Network to Windows PC 2 running MT Pro on GrandMA2.

Used MIDI learn on a knob in Ableton. User can turn the knob and send CC to PC 2. MIDI Translator converts to Notes for GrandMA2.

However MIDI messages from APC MINI are not passed on from Ableton Live.


This requires two MIDI paths.

Put Bome MIDI Translator on PC 1 and do a Split from APC MINI to 2 virtual ports.

One (BMT 1) runs to Ableton Live and then translator to BomeBox
The other (BMT 2) runs through same translators to BomeBox direction.

Now BomeBox contains merged output from the APC MINI and Ableton Live so GrandMA2 will see messages from both devices.

Here is a picture:

And here is a project file that I used.

GMA2-2024-03-16.bmtp (1.7 KB)

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