Getting Cubase to send VST plugins settings...?


I just found Bome Midi Translator Pro (Chat GPT recommend it to my project) and now I have a question.

Is it possible to do the following with Midi Translator pro:

I would like to do motorized potentiometers for Waves SSL channel strip plugin with Arduino. Would it somehow be possible do a script with Midi Translator Pro that when I press a button from Arduino, Cubase would send the current positions of every potentiometer and button that Waves plugin has on screen in Cubase? I would like to use motorized potentiometers to update current positions when I change the channel so that the motorized buttons would always be in right position.

Thank you!
, Pete.

Hi and welcome to the Bome community!

Bome MIDI Translator Pro (MT Pro) can certainly capture and store any MIDI send from your plugin if the plugin sends it. You would have to check with Waves if there is a command for the plugin to send all values, otherwise, we would just capture the last value that was sent in MT Pro and if you want to update the motorized potentiometers you could send a MIDI message to ask MT Pro to dump the last known values.

Do you know if the plugin sends MIDI feedback in Cubase? Are you using VST quick controls in Cubase? I think VST quick controls only handles 8 values and the SSL SE channel strip has many more values than 8.

I suggest you analyze what Cubase sends from SSL and when it sends it. You could put MT Pro in between Cubase and your Arduino with MIDI thru paths and the monitor the MIDI traffic to see what is be sent and received.

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Thanks for the answers!

Yes, I really have to dig deeper now in Cubase and Waves plugins and find out how they send midi data. I heard that Cubase 12 has new midi mapping and scripting functions, but I only have Cubase 11…so upgrade might be the solution.

, Pete.

I don’t have Cubase or Wave plugins, but I think it works the same everywhere, as I see it in Max:

When loading a plugin, nothing is sent. Afterwards changing values are sent continuously. All parameter values are only sent at once when a preset is loaded. So if you have a plugin with presets, the chances are good. You can create a neutral default preset and use this for basic hardware settings.

However, that’s only half the battle, because if you save your project and call it up again, the plugin won’t send anything and you won’t have saved the last status as a preset. You could do this every time, for example as a ‘Current preset’. However, this does not work for different projects.

In Max I have the opportunity to ask for parameter values one by one. But when the plugin is loaded in another DAW, even Max doesn’t have access.

In my opinion, not sending the parameters at loading time is a major weakness of the plug-in system since it exists. Bome can’t help here. BMT could only help if you have a plugin preset and this can be called up via Program Change, for example. This way BMT would trigger the plugin to send the parameters to the mixer.

As far as I know, in an usual DAW setup, a ‘standing’ or freshly loaded plugin can only be read via a protocol such as Mackie. You probably won’t want to implement something like that.

I’m a Cubase user and new to the community - I wanted to chime in, as I am in a similar situation to the OP.
I can confirm that the plugin parameters get sent every time the plugin window becomes active again. So if you toggle away from the SSL channel strip and then toggle back, it becomes in focus again and the plugin parameters get sent.

Instead of trying to update motorized pots, I’d like to have it go to TouchOSC where I can see the parameters on a mobile device.

You might want to look into Central Control as it may be able to translate OSC to MIDI.

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