Getting started with bome(box) and dLive

Let me start by saying that I am completely new to midi anything beyond a midi keyboard that is premapped to a DAW. I am trying to figure out if bome might be a solution for me (and I have the idea that it will be). Simply put, I want to get a Icon Platform M+ (probably) and make it behave like an Allen&Heath IP8. The IP8 has 8 faders with 2 buttons per fader, 6 buttons to the side and 2 above that and you can assign functions to everything in the dlive. For example the top button at the fader will be the mute button, the bottom the PFL button, and assign channels to each fader. The 6 buttons on the side can be SoF or banks for example. Very simply put, I want to recreate that. The M+ has 9 faders, and I’d like to be able to assign the first 8 to a certain channel and the last to be the master fader. Different bank selection would be very cool but isn’t that needed. I’d guess the IP8 is nothing more than a midi controller so I would think I should be able to get that data, then record the data from the M+ and tie those together, right? So in theory I should be able to program the M+ like I would the IP8, assigning channels to each fader in the dlive.

I am probably oversimplifying things so really what I’m asking is a reality check. Is it possible, and am I going to be able to pull it off with the extremely limited knowledge I have? Perhaps someone can recommend literature (preferably videos, I’m not much of a reader) to get my knowledge to the level it needs to be?

I’d like to get a proof of concept with bome midi translator pro and an old bcf2000 I have laying around, and if it works I can get permission to spend the money on the bomebox and the Platform M+ to make a permanent setup.


It is currently uploading (and you can try it too in dlive director) but I’ve made a short video on what I meant with programming it in the dlive. There is a tab where you can assign channels to the faders of controllers like the IP8 like this dlive test - YouTube

It would be ideal if I can completely recreate that with the Platform M+ and a bomebox. Is that possible?


I think it might be possible. We would need to convert Mackie MCU (which I believe what Platform M uses, to A&H messages with a project file running on BomeBox.
We would also need to set up a route from the USB port (connected to Platform M) to the A&H network port. Platform M does not have native ethernet connection.

What model of dLive do you have? If you have BCF2000, to test with, I would need to know what the faders send for a proof-of-concept. I could probably set up one fader for you to test but for a full project it would required a paid consulting effort. Also, I would not have either a Platform M, BCF2000 or a dLive so I would need to rig some sort of emulator for development.

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The route from the USB port to the A&H port is the easiest part, right? You get the input on the bomebox from the USB port and output the converted data over the ethernet port, right?

It shouldn’t matter what model dLive I have in theory, the IP8 works cross-platform, but it’d be used with the DM32. Do you have an estimation on the costs for the paid consulting effort? And does it translate perfectly from midi controller connected to a computer, doing the processing in Midi Translator Pro, outputting over the ethernet port to the dLive to substituting the computer with the bomebox?


Yes, that is the easiest part.

You can set up translators to do exactly what you want to do. It might take a bit of programming skill to get it right. If you want to test with BCF 2000, please let me know what MIDI message you have programmed for fader 1 and I can post an example.

Reach out to me via private message or email, and I can help describe the cost model.

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Also available for paid consulting services:

The below is an example of moving dLive input faders with a Mackie MCU compatible controller. At this point there is no scaling of the faders or MIDI feedback to move motorized faders, but this should give you an idea.

In this case, I’m running the project on my PC through BomeBox, but uploading it to BomeBox and re-assigning the aliases on BomeBox should make it run there as well.

I’m actually using a Korg nanoKONTROL2 as my MCU compatible controller and then using Remote Direct MIDI ports on my PC to route the signal to my dLive emulator.

Aliases set up in MT Pro


Remote Direct MIDI configuration in Bome Network

What it looks like on BomeBox

And here is the project file.
demo-MCU-Fader-to-dLive.bmtp (1.5 KB)

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Also available for paid consulting services: