Global Feature to translators on/off?

I have a BMT project with 50 presets that have 3 translators each. The program runs on two Mac computers. Mac 1 only runs translator 1 and Mac 2 only runs translator 2 & 3. In an emergency where one of the computers fails, I would need to run all three translators for one Macbook. Is there a way to turn translators 2 & 3 off on Mac 1 globally? (not one by one) and then turn them back on if I need to run all 3 translators on one computer? (The default inputs and output are the same for all three translators)

Hi, I think the solution would be to re-organize the translators under a different preset. There is no way to turn on or off individual translators with an outgoing action. You would probably need to add two presets and then take the related translators and cut an paste the into the new presets. One for one Mac, and the other for the other Mac. Then set the routing on each presets.

For more information about device selection, seethis tutorial.

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