GLOBAL ROUTING: Best Practise?

So I have a range of MPT presets/translators that deal with an MCU type controller (Iconpad) and then going into Cubase, adding various gestures and functions to connect with the Generic Remote Device. Really happy with it.
Cubase 12 now has a new Remote Editor etc which really adds value to using control surfaces and what Im wanting to do is have a single toggle button whereby when it is off, MTP operates exactly as it is now with MCU functions etc
When the ‘bypass’ button is engaged, all input from that particular midi controller will no longer feed into all those presets/translators; I want all midi data from it to be directly routed to another virtual midi out

Has anyone done this or, before I reinvent the wheel…does anyone have insights to offer?



If the bypass button sends MIDI, you can use that MIDI message as an incoming trigger in MT Pro translate to an outgoing action that disables or enables presets or enables and disable MIDI routes. If you want to do multiple it would be multiple translators with the same incoming trigger and each having a different outgoing action and perhaps different delays to make sure things happen in the order that you want.

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Thanks Steve for the reply
The presets and translator switching would just be way too complicated but simple routing changes would be perfect
How would that be best implemented ie just an abstract?

Ie currently all midi traffic either goes out mcu virtual port or mcu extender port. How can you disable those using a translator ie single)

Since you are going through translators, you will need to do both. One is outgoing action to disable presets that do the translation, the other to turn on a MIDI thru route.

In reverse, one that turns off the MIDI thru route and the other that re-enables the preset (and associated translators).

In general, translators will override MIDI thru routes which is why they need to be disabled. This is what the translator “Swallow” option is. It ensures that after the translator has sent its MIDI message, it doesn’t also send it to the thru route.

Steve Caldwell
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Also available for paid consulting services:

So you cant open/close ports from a translator?
EDIT: Sorry I was out and havent used any port stuff before; cant seem to control port open/close. It would seem that translators only affect 1 preset at a time…hmmm thats not really tenable for this application; really cant be bothered if it cant be done programmatically


That would be 18 translators for on and 18 for off…cheaper and easier to just buy another controller :slight_smile:

For anyone else looking for a solution; it seems you can just use virtual ports

Point all your translators at virtual port 1 eg

Create another 2 virtual ports which point at either the generic remote eg
2. From_IntPort_To_MCU,

Just use the Port routing option in the translator to create/break the port and it becomes a global switch/route
eg 1>2

This can be further optimised by placing a ‘stop processing’ translator after the main route is establish, increasing efficiency by removing the subsequent chain of events.