Global variable monitoring

Is there a way to actively monitor values of all used global variables, other than a translator that logs all of them—which then presents the issue of running the log live? Thanks

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In the log window, you would need to click on Dump Vars. image

Any global variable that does not have a value of 0 will be shown.

Usually when I want to track the state of a global variable (such as ga). I turn the rules checkbox on in the log window and would put something like “ga=” in the quick filter.
Finally, you can use the logging feature of Bome MIDI Translator Pro to send a log entry to the output as specific points in the project that may be of interest

For instance a rule that says
Log “The value of ga is %ga%”

The filter and logging feature are available on MT Pro version 1.9.0 .

Once you have everything working, of course you can then close the log window.

Also, I usually document use and initialization of all global variables in the rule of one translator as described in this tutorial.

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