Global variables for incoming midi channel

Hi my friends, a torso 1 controller arrived here. its simply a midi sequencer which spits out note on, note off and velocity values on 16 channels.
i build a modulation matrix which should allow me to controlle the incoming midi channel to trigger each of my devices. i so made a translator which got a global variable for note, f.e. “mr”. this way i hoped i can send a defined note number with a midi keyboard (here a faderfox lx1) to define a value between 1 and 16 (0 and 15).
then i made two translators with this global variable set incoming to channel “mr”. the ports routed to the midi out of the responding machines and the torso 1 via usb in.

Note on ch. “mr” any note set oo to note with any velocity and pp to velocity
Note off on ch. “mr” any note set oo to note with any velocity and pp to velocity

I hoped to tell the translator to recognize the incoming midi channel for note on, note off and velocity. but somehow it doesnt work.
if i use that global variable for outgoing midi channel, it works flawless, but thats not the idea. f.e.
note on ch. “mr” with note oo and velocity pp
note off on ch. “mr” with note oo and velocity pp

anybody sees the error i made contructing this? i would be very thankfull for help.

wish everybody a nice time. best regards

Hi, and welcome back!

I anticipate that you want to ignore the MIDI CH of your Torso1 and accept MIDI Notes on any MIDI channel. In this case, you can simply ignore the incoming MIDI channel and then use the global variable mr, for the outgoing MIDI channel.

Also, it is important to ignore MIDI channel adjustments while a note is playing otherwise you will get stuck notes. For this reason, I use the global variable ga to count notes, playing. I increment ga when a note-on is sent and decrement ga when a note-off is sent. I only allow MIDI channel adjustments when from the modulation controller when ga=0 (no notes are sounding).

I use CC1 from my modulation controller to control the MIDI Channel and scale the output from 0-127 down to 0-15 so you still have full range of control. You can learn about scaling from this tutorial.

I have my aliases set up as follows but I have different MIDI devices than you.

You can get to the alias setup on the MIDI Menu as shown below:


Here is how I have my aliases set up.

I use preset input and output definitions for my controllers. You can learn about controlling sources and destinations in this tutorial.

Here is the project file. Let me know how it works for you.

Modulate-Channels.bmtp (2.1 KB)

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