Had Ableton Crash, now MT doesn't find Midi Port Assignments

I've lost my port assignments, and have replaced my .bmts file with several consecutively created backups, but port assignments still don't appear when I launch MT. Below is my bmts file. Shouldn't it cause ports to be assigned?





ooops. I see a problem. None of my APC Mini’s is listed. So conceivably this would also have truncated some other part of the bmts file. I’ll try to find a backup on my Backblaze account and report on whether or not this took care of the problem.

The backup on Blaze did the trick.  Everything works again.  Just goes to show how important it is to backup your files.  Even the backups that MT does automatically didn't work.


Glad you got it working! Deleting all .bmts files and restarting the project will work too. It will just prompt you to re-assign any aliases that you had previously assigned. You may, however also need to change other MIDI translator Pro settings to match your taste however. (multiple instances, number of virtual ports, splash, etc)