Handling a burst of input values

Hi all,

I'm playing around with the Bome Midi Translator and the Arturia Beatstep to configure it for Capture One control. I've browsed the forums on how to handle different input scenarios using rules, timers, etc, but there is one scenario that stumps me.

As you can see in the image, 1024 to 1027, when I turned the rotary encoder, I got double values.

This is a random behaviour and happens every now and again.

Is there a way to filter out/ignore commands that happen within a short window of one another.

e.g. 1024 to 1027 would've occurred within milliseconds, so could we introduce a pause after each signal so that it ignores the next command within that ms window. And that pause can then be tuned for most desired behaviour.



Without looking at your project file it is hard to tell but it is possible you are either monitoring 2 different input ports for the control value our you have more than one translator set up with the same incoming action. You might have an application echoing back on a different translator what you are sending with your Arturia Beatstep.

Instead of monitoring for incoming, uncheck incoming and monitor for MIDI IN. Look at translator 0.0 and 0.1 and see if they are looking for the same incoming message and if so, disable one or the other (unless you have different outgoing actions for each).

I don't see anything happening for Out on 0.1 so you are probably not using it anyway.

1024 and 1025 looks like the original message with one outgoing action

1026 and 1027 are probably echos from another port if you are routing outputs to a MIDI port and then maybe capturing them back on that translator. Be sure to specify which MIDI port you are looking for the incoming message. This can be done at three levels. The below tutorial should explain MIDI selection and routing better.



Steve Caldwell
Bome Customer Care

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Thanks Steve. I'll make the suggested changes and keep an eye out to see if I can reliably reproduce it.